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I provide evaluation to home inspector candidates in compliance with CPBC requirements

House rental for trial home inspection estismated to be around $300 plus tax


Evaluation fee $1000 plus tax  

Before the trial home inspection

  • bring your own tools and dress appropriately

  • prepare your own reporting format, report writing tools etc

  • be prepared for a last-minute call for evaluation opportunity or cancellation by the trainer


During the trial home inspection

  • no video taking and no disclosure of information of any kind to any party

  • be responsible for your own and others’ safety

  • be responsible for any damages during the evaluation session

  • behave professionally

  • arrive 15 minutes before examination

  • allow 3 hours for a typical house inspection 

  • 30 minutes for verbal summary of findings to the evaluator

After the trial home inspection

  • proper inspection report shall be emailed to the evaluator before the next calendar day for evaluation

  • if deemed satisfactory, a peer review recommendation letter will be available in two days

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